Biking Attractions Near Willowbrook Cabins

Exploring Southern Illinois by bike is a relaxing way to take in the beauty of the Shawnee National Forest. There are several trails set aside for bikes.

Garden of the Gods
Tunnel Hill Bike Trail
Photo by Daniel Schwen
Tunnel Hill Trail

The 45 mile trail can be broken into a minimum of eight segments. There are additional trailheads where day trips can be started and stopped. The Northernmost end of the trail is in Harrisburg, IL. The Southern trailhead is at Karnak, IL.

Physically fit bikers can travel the entire length in a day. Most day riders travel the segment between Tunnel Hill and Vienna, IL. While it is perhaps the most scenic section with the most bridges, limiting yourself to this popular segment would result in a diminished experience. Each segment has something unique to offer.

This company will even rent bikes for a reasonable price to ride the trails: Sandburn Junction. Ask about group rates and stop in for some ice cream or a cold drink!

Lake Glendale
Excellent single track through hardwoods with numerous hills, jumps, and stream crossings. Large bluff with trail above and below. There are a couple of loops that can be ridden here.
Southern Illinois Mountain Biking
Listing of the major biking trails in Southern Illinois.